Before your first visit

As a courtesy, my practice will assist you with filing your insurance forms after your initial appointment. Your insurance company may require that before our first meeting, you contact them to request pre-certification (sometimes referred to as pre-authorization) of outpatient mental health services. If pre-certification is necessary, the insurer will pay for services only after it is obtained. To do this, you must call your insurance provider. Tell them we are scheduled to meet. Ask them for both “pre-certification” and their claims filing address. By pre-certifying your appointment, they are agreeing to cover their portion of the cost of your treatment. They may give you an authorization number. Please write it down and bring it to our meeting. They can also tell you the amount they require you to “co-pay,” how many sessions per year that is covered by your insurance, if coverage is per calendar year or rolling year, the dates of the rolling year, and what, if any deductible charges that are your responsibility to pay. Click HERE to print out a checklist of these items.

If I can be of assistance with any of the above items, please feel free to contact me. Once again, I look forward to our meeting.

Please use to the checklist below to obtain all forms needed before your first visit. Feel free to fill them out at your convenience.

Insurance Info Needed

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